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Sway Bar??

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I vaguely remember a person on the forum that replaced his rear sway with one from a Cayenne Turbo.

Could this be correct? Would this help my Treg?

Wondering if this is something that I should look into.
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I have a set of brand new green/yellow bars with bushings for sale. Asking $575 shipped via FedEx [Will cost me ~$75 to ship.]

PM for info.
If there is ever a buy back option for our poor TDI's, and you're on the fence you want to or not, just put the Cayenne sway bars on, and will not want to sell it back!!!
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I would love to upgrade my sway bars someday. I wish i had the money now. But life happens and money needs to be put elsewhere. :(
So what are the part numbers/colors that the T3 guys are running? Im a little confused about the variations from the T1/2 to the T3.
Check post #47 in this thread: Don't forget bushings.

I'm running green dot bars front & rear, very happy with it.
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