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Hi everyone,
I have a strange problem with my Touareg 06, and I'd kindly ask you to give me some advice/opinion or just share some experience.

In last month I have gone to the VW repair shop 5 times and am beggining to lose my mind and also quite some money:

1. I went to change tires from snow tires to summer tires.

When I got the car back it was "floating" on the road, as if the tires were flat. There was a lot of understeering, for instance I had to brake in an emergency once and I travelled diagonally... The car was bouncing and the driving experience was very unpleasant.

I checked the web and found out this is a textbook case of not locking the air suspension when lifting the car*. I went through the procedure of "self correction" through switching amoung all possible levels and the driving experience improved, but not to the level where it was before.

*In the repair shop they claim they have witnesses those can confirm the mechanic (I saw him, he was a "rookie", who didn't even know how to read recommended pressure spreadsheet, how to lock a car with "keesy" and how to apply the handbrake!!! Unfortunatley I noticed all these signs after the car was back on the floor...) locked the air suspension. I don't know whether I should believe them or not...

2. I went back to calibrate the air suspension

I went back to the repair shop to recalibrate the air suspension. There was about 3cm difference between the front wheels. They enetered the new values and the car was fine until I lowered it to the "loading level" at home, when it reported an error "STOP Fault running gear" as soon as it hit the lowest height bar on the display. After restart the error was gone, but the difference in height was back.

3. I went back to calibrate the air suspension again

I went back and they calibrated the air suspension again. They said there was no error recorded in the computer (the one I got "STOP Fault running gear") They also mentioned they have disabled the "offroad fuction" of air suspension as it was not evens supposed to exist in my model, which I find strange since I bought that offroad packet with reductor and everything...

When I picked it up, it was running fine. Again just until I lowered it to loading level. Then when it hit the bottom stage the left front wheel lifted RAPIDLY, all the others stayed the same, so I got the difference in height again. However NOW the rear suspension became EXTREMELY stiff, as if there was no suspension whatsoever!

4. I went back for them to fix that

They have recalibrated the suspension multiple times and now left and right side are quite (0,9cm difference) equal. They say this kind of difference is OK. However the rear end is 3cm lower than the front, and sitting in the back is worse than riding in a carriage! It is a bit better if driving in offroad level of air suspension.

However there are times when the suspension works OK!

5. I went back again...

They tested the car and said I should replace the oil suspension, which costs 4.000€+ And I am definately NOT buying the theory it's just a coincidence. Afterall ALL the major changes appeart after they were woring on it...

So I don't want to get in the Guiness's world book of records as the guy who paid the most for a tire change on Touareg! And I also don't know what to do. If they scr*wed it, how can I prove it? And if they didn't, what could be wrong? I'd suspect the computer since it's the main link between air suspension and oil suspension. Should I contact VW in Germany?


Thank you in advace!

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Do you have access to a copy of VCDS to do a scan, to get some log data? Also is this "repair shop" and actual VW Dealer because they sound bloody useless. Even if they didn't select "jacking Mode" it should have no long term impact on your settings/calibration for your suspension.

Calibration should only be needed after a suspension strip down and rebuild, such as new bushes, NOT for a wheel change.

I would start looking at the sensors and links attached to the suspension as something seems very wrong. Chances are they used a novice who has buggered things for you.

Go back and demand they fix it at their cost....Changing wheels shouldn't result in this. If they won't come to the party, then go to another dealer and get a detailed report on what they find. If it is an issue caused by the first shop, then demand your money back!


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thank you for your reply.

Yes, in fact it is a certified VW dealer. And the rookie only changed the tires, for every other service I request a specific experienced mechanic... I have been taking Touareg there since it was new and there were no problems until now...

How can I get the logs? A friend has a bluetooth OBD2 reader, would that help? Can I get them even if the "error storage" was cleared (they do that everytime I'm there)?

Maybe just an idea, should I try disconnecting the battery, is it possible that would help? Or is it more likely to mess all the other things up?

I am planning on getting a second opinion, but in my country there is a problem with that, since the main dealer works with the philosopy "replace as many components as possible and it shoud work" and all the other dealers don't have much experience with cases as specific as this one...

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Get a lawyer, send them a letter that as you paid for "EXPERT" service they clearly haven't done their job, otherwise the car would work as it should. Oh and I ain't paying a penny more. In fact you should ask for damages as you have been denied the pleasure of driving as since they got their hands on it it now drives like a night mare and you hate to take it out on the road. pleasure has gone that costs money.

If they wont do it, get the Russian Mafia on to it, tell the garage that it is insured by said mafia, lol. I know I make a joke of it but this is a serious problem they need to step up to the plate, get in touch with VW Germany, tell them if this isn't solved at no cost to you you will get in touch with some German Car Magazines. They don't give a crap about Serbian magazines, but German ones they do.
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