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Hello out my fellow Touareg enthusiasts!!

I ran into a recent problem trying to install an aftermarket head unit from SmartAuto24 in my 2004 Touareg. The unit was working normally for a day or 2 and started flickering and cutting in an out. I tried to connect the ACC lead (red wire) to the fuse box, by connecting the wire to the # 11 stereo fuse on the passenger side fusebox. After this was all connected, I turned the key to turn on the engine and the stereo was no longer powering on.

I have tried pulling and reinserting the fuse and also bought a new fuse to replace the old one (red 10 amp fuse) and the stereo will not turn on. I also tried installing the OEM head unit back into place, and the factory radio will not power on as well.

It seems that there is no power going to the stere/head unit whatsoever. The good news is the car drives normally and no other electronics seems to be affected.

Is there any way to reset the fuse? Do I have to disconnect and re-connect the battery? if so, how would I go about doing this?

Really appreciate any help or advice you guys can give. Im trying to save on going for a trip to the Stealership to have the issues resolved. If I can just get the power restored to the head unit I can live with the flickering and cutting out. Driving the Treg with no tunes is a big downer for me....:(


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