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Re: Step-By-Step Mounting of the Valentine One Radar Detecto

Mike said:
Originally Posted at VWVortex by Christina [hotdaymnitzbao]:

ok guys. i did this yesterday in pouring rain. took some awful pictures... but hope this is helpful for everyone

STEP 1... take the side panel off... the panel that has all the fuses and stuff.
STEP 2... unscrew the bottom of the dash off. i think there were 3
screws... it's the cover that's below the cover that has the parking
break release handle. look for the thing i circled in red. that's where
u wanna attach the wirest....
This looks GREAT!! I have a couple of questions?
1.) How did you get the panel off under the dash. I found the screws, but it did not want to drop down.
2.) What is this plug? Is it switched by the ign key? Do you know if it has a lot of current carrying capacity (I want to add a two way radio and looking for power)
Thanks and Happy New Year.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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