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Hi Everyone.

After 50+ hours I'm almost done with my sound upgrade in my 2009 Touareg V6. I recently acquired some PHD MF 6.1 (Multi Fibre) component speakers for front and rear. These speakers perform well from 40Hz and tweeters are constructed with pure undyed silk. PHD is an Italian speaker manufacturer that produces top of the line products, and are chosen for OEM speakers in some Ferrari models and the Mercedes Mille Miglia Speaker adapters are installed. Doors are lined with STP and then with a closed cell foam lining to isolate road noise. At the back of each speaker is a round acoustical "egg crate" foam to absorb unwanted resonance. The door cards are lined with sound dampening as well. The speakers will then get some custom cut around 1.8lbs open cell foam rings around each speaker. The rack is illuminated with white and blue LED light strips connected to a RF remote to dim or switch the lights on or off from the front.

I build an amplifier rack to house my Audiopipe GM-4505 5 channels amp (old, but a great Class D amplifier. Not getting rid of it), 9 band EQ and Line Out Converter. All cabling are soldered, crimped and heat shrunk. I have a small LED Voltage/Amperage meter custom installed, and a 12v temperature programmable relay unit to switch my push and pull fans on when the temperature rises above a temperature specified.

I will changed the RNS-510 factory EQ settings to benefit my install with my VCDS. I am so close to being done but have a few questions:

I need to make sure to bypass the OEM filters. Where is the OEM crossovers or filters located for the OEM speakers? I did not see any filters on the Tweeter, Mid or Woofer. The reason for this, is that I have decided to use the factory speaker wire, since it is of a decent gauge, and you would not hear the sound quality drop, tying into the existing wire. There is absolutely no room to navigate speaker wire through the molex door connections.
If anybody have successfully pulled speaker wire through the doors, how exactly did you do it? Did you drill through the molex plugs, using a right angle drill adapter? The driver door has so little space underneath the cluster to try and fish wire through, let alone no opening behind the molex connector on the inside of the vehicle. One would only be able to do it from the door hinge. My first choice would be to lay new speaker wire, but if there is no way to get through, then I have no choice but to use existing wire.
The impedence of the speakers are as follow: Woofer is 2ohm, midrange is 12ohm and the tweeters are 4ohm. There must be filters or crossovers somewhere.

Having installed sound systems in my previous vehicles such as VW Polo, 2x VW Jettas, Land Rover, Audi A4, I must admit that the Touareg is quite a challenge. Not too much room for all the wiring, but solidly build. It is a great vehicle though.

A little inside info on the PHD speakers: My friend in South Africa won a SQ competition with these speakers. The judges' were very impressed and only commented to turn down his subwoofer. He mentioned to them that he did not have any subs installed.

Hopefully someone have an answer to these couple of questions.


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