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I am in South Africa and my son is interested in buying a Touareg, new with warranty and maintenance plan. We are not sure which engine to go for as we are a bit hesitant to go for Diesel as 50ppm is not freely available in remote regions in southern Africa, except for South Africa and Namibia. So the 3.6FSi V6 is high on the list. Pity it can't get low range, though.

Spare wheel: it was perhaps less wise of VW not to make an external carrier available for the New Touareg as Africa & Australia just have to have this. Now, is there a solution at hand, for carrying a spare wheel at the rear or even upright on the inside? How do others go walkabout in the outback-ish places and safely carry a spare along? A wheel lying loose inside can be lethal in an accident situation.

Comments welcome, but please keep it civil.
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