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Hi this is my first post. I have a 2006 R5. The car was left to a so called expert to fix a faulty ABS and Brake Pressure Switch. He never got to the route of it. I had to take the car back and get someone else to do it. When receiving the car the Radio was not emitting and sound, the display is as normal and when the controls are used the volume bar goes up and down as it should but there is no sound, i tried a CD and it is playing normally. This means the speakers are working fine and the unit is working in regards to the CD. I have plugged in the VCDS software and it shows no faults for the radio, it says everything is normal.

If the unit had problems I would expect the fault to show up on VCDS, and if the antenna was gone would the radio not be hissing?

Anyone have any ideas?

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