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software update for the transmission and transfer case

I have V6 Colorado Red w/nav, no air suspension puchased May 28, 04. Its been in the shop twice for dealer installed options and an electronic brake controller.

Several 'Campaigns' were performed at the same time, listed on the invoice as BN, BD, BP and VN. Wonder if those are related to those on the 'sticky' that have numbers following.

No mention was made of any work done or to be done on the transmission. I thought the hesitation when in normal Drive position in the automatic transmission, when accelerating from a stop, was my driving technique needing adjustment for this new vehicle; thought I'd eventually develop a smooth takeoff but haven't managed it yet.

Could this 'stumble' on takeoff be what is being refered to by TREGinginCO? Anyone know what TSB describes the work TREGinginCO had done?
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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