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Software Updates

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I have a V6 Touareg Colorado Red, Air Susp.,Navigation System

I went to my dealer the other day to have a tire changed (I ran over a nail), and he infored me of 6 software updates for the car. I am going back on Monday to have them installed. Has anybody else had updates installed into their car?
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I have the a V6 with all options too (Air Susp' & Nav System), what software update? can you list the software update and what there are for?

There are a number of software updates, inspections and possible part replacement TSB's.

There is a software update for the transmission and transfer case control module. There is also a TSB for possible replacement of the actual transfer case.

There is another (not sure if it's the same as one from earlier this year) one for the remote range fix.

My 'T' is in the shop today having all of this done. Some who have already had their transmission software updated say they've noticed a difference in how their vehicles shift and they've been very happy.

I get mine back tomorrow morning.... I'm anxious.
I had a sticky created with all of this info. Check at the top of the Problems/Bugs forum for my new thread. If you see a TSB or other service related bulletin that is not listed, please post it there.
Are you having the entire transfer case replaced or just repaired ? I am getting mine replaced next week and am curious if you notice any difference in how it drives or feels? Thanks, appreciate your input.
I just got my 'T' back from having all the software updates, including the transmission flash.

First let me say, I didn't think the two problems I had with my transmission were anything more than driving a vehicle with drive-by-wire technology and I like to think I'm in tune with what my vehicle is doing.

HOLY CRAP, what a difference the transmission update made. The sensative gas pedal/lurching from a dead stop to accelerating is gone. It's reeeeeeeal smooth now. The slight hesitation I had while accelerating in 3rd gear is completely gone. And the transmission seems much more intuitive. When you jump on the gas, it seems to go right to the gear you need, with no questions asked.

I'm really impressed with the update. My service guy says my Transfer Case has to be replaced - it's on order. He is also checking to see about replacing my tires because they are starting to cup and it may be related to the Transfer Case.
I also have a new amp on order for the sound system because of poor bass output.

Overall, very happy with the updates
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software update for the transmission and transfer case

I have V6 Colorado Red w/nav, no air suspension puchased May 28, 04. Its been in the shop twice for dealer installed options and an electronic brake controller.

Several 'Campaigns' were performed at the same time, listed on the invoice as BN, BD, BP and VN. Wonder if those are related to those on the 'sticky' that have numbers following.

No mention was made of any work done or to be done on the transmission. I thought the hesitation when in normal Drive position in the automatic transmission, when accelerating from a stop, was my driving technique needing adjustment for this new vehicle; thought I'd eventually develop a smooth takeoff but haven't managed it yet.

Could this 'stumble' on takeoff be what is being refered to by TREGinginCO? Anyone know what TSB describes the work TREGinginCO had done?
Would these also apply to Australian market?
Oreddie, I think that "stumble" as you call it is the same thing. I thought when I first got my TOUAREG that I had to adjust my driving style as wel.... having never owned a vehicle that had drive-by-wire technology.

Now that it's most definitely gone.... I now know it wasn't me.

The "VN" code is for the Seatbelt Recall. Mine was checked and I was told I didn't have to have it done.

The other codes you mentioned are all the current open TSB/updates that are needed on the TOUAREGs, so it looks like you're in good shape.

On the topic of what recalls apply to Australian vehicles, have you received a seatbelt recall yet? I certainly have not and I know that Porsche Cars Australia issued their recall on 2 June. I have emailed one of VW's marketing people about when we might see the recall mail - needless to say, they stopped talking to me after that!

I haven't spoken to my dealer yet - they are generally the last to know - but I will be asking about the transmission software update at the very least.
Bumping a VERY old thread.

Does anyone have any idea how us Treg owners can get the latest software updates for our rides?
Going to the dealer and asking gets the usual response. "There's no TSB for that and hooking up to the computer shows nothing wrong".
Any lists out there that show the latest software updates for each module and possibly how we can update/flash the modules ourselves?
I'm particularly interested in the one that was mentioned prior in this thread that gets rid of the pedal lag that many Treg owners experience with VW's drive by wire.
It could be that the SW updates have been implemented in newer Touaregs, especially that the thread was started way back in 2004.
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