Great replacement and/or second set of SUV wheels, especially good for winter use / Christmas / Holiday Travel.

The 2021 February Texas Snowstorm Yury.... is a perfect example of how these rims / tires can come in handy. That is, those with a big powerful 4x4 SUV and Summer tires were likely stuck... it happens in the DC area a couple of times per year. In January 03, 2022.folks were stranded on I95 in Northern Virginia for two days.

These wheels were stock on my 2007 VW Touareg V10 TDI.

This chassis is common between the Audi Q7, Porsche Cayenne, VW Touareg.

The wheels should all interchangeable, check specs below.

Just noting you can run different diameter rims on the same vehicle: 18s, 19s, 20s and 21s are all interchangeable, with the right sized tire, the 18s just has a taller sidewall and the larger diameter wheel will have a shorter sidewall tire.

The 18inch wheel is a very good size to mate up a winter capable tires versus larger wheels as their is more sidewall on the 18s, kind of like a Timberline boot type of footprint for your SUV.

Winter performance in snow / ice is incredible with the 18s. And, they also withstand potholes and any slight curb incidents as the sidewall of the tire deals with road issues.

I had these 18s as an extra set of wheels and I would have them pre-balanced and ready to go.... put them on a few weeks before expecting winter conditions and/or traveling someplace that had winter conditions, like skiing in PA or farther north.

My other wheels are larger diameter 20inch wheels, I have them mounted with very aggressive, summer performance tires, which are unusable in snow.

The other cool thing about having an extra set of wheels to swap is that it gives you a chance to really clean them.

That is both the summer wheels and winter wheels as part of the rotation cycle.

As you can see in my pictures, these wheels are nearly flawless.

When my new tires arrive at Costco, I take the freshly cleaned set in the back of my SUV and load them onto the Coscto push cart with protective pads between on the bottom and between each wheel.

With the clean rims, wheel weights stick great and don't fall off, because there was a clean mating surface.

VW Wheel Part Numbers / Equivalents: 7L6601025K, 7L6601025K8Z8, 7L6601025BJ8Z8,
--- Width: 18x8 in
--- Lug Pattern: 5x130 mm
--- Center Bore: 71.5 mm
--- Offset: 57mm


--- Michelin Latitude™ Alpin® HP 255/55R18

Costco is a great place for tires... check out what will fit these 18s.

PROTECTIVE PADS from Harbor Freight