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Small part out from my T3

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Traded in the egg this past Friday for a new Tiggy SEL-P and pulled a few things that are up for sale on it. Need to clean things up when it finally warms up enough to go outside, but can provide them if desired.

1. OEM Euro LEDs tails. $450.00 + shipping

- Got these from Ebay. Euro OEM tails. Work perfectly once the coding is changed to accommodate.

2. OEM A-spherical heated (left is also Anti Dazzle) Mirrors. $300.00 + shipping

- Just like OEM, except they're the heated, Euro A-Spherical mirrors. The drivers side left mirror is Anti-Dazzle, just like OEM. Willing to part with the set for 300.00. Think this is more than fair as the left mirror itself costs about 450.00.

3. OEM Euro Floor Mats $100+ shipping

- Front and rears. These are the Euro Style mats, not the Monster Mats.

Let me know if interested.

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21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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