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I recently bought a 2015 V6 Executive and I'm very happy with the car. Would have preferred a diesel but they always seem to be like hen's teeth...

The only minor niggle I have is that on the first start of the day the ignition turns over for 2-3 seconds before starting the engine. If I turn the car off immediately and back on it turns over for less than a second. This would imply it isn't to do with a cold engine, plus I'm in Houston - outside temp is ~70deg. Subsequent starts throughout the day are <1sec, but if I have left it for several hours it will go for ~2-3secs again.

I mentioned this in passing to my sales rep, who said he talked to a SA who said it was normal behavior and working as designed.

Is this a known thing on 2015 gasoline Touaregs?

Based on previous experience with VW (2009 GLI) I thought I'd get more sense from the forums than working with the dealer... :D
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