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Hi all,

I just joined and I picked up my first Touareg 6 days ago. 25th Wedding anniversary present for my wife.

I have a 3.6 FSi Highline Passat.
She now has a 2014 3.0 TDi 180kw with 100k on the lock.

Day two we had a error/warning for coolant 250ml of distilled water fixed that, I put it down to just first hot day.
We did a run approx 400km away for long weekend. It ran perfectly and sat on 110km/h without issue for the day.

Next morning started and it sat running whilst I waited for family to get in. 30 minutes threw a DPF error. Did some research and managed to get it to reset with 15 minutes of driving as instructed holding around the 2-2500rpm.

Almost straight after that a warning ORANGE solid Check engine light. And inability to get it to take off normally, it would like be clogged or held back until around 15km/h and the 2000rpm mark before coming back to life and running normally. Temps and readings are all fine whilst driving like this, only time there is an issue was take off. Managed to drive it back without incident and it did around 7.1/100km

Interesting observation when back we took it for a drive locally to see if it was still an issue, now if the AC is off and it does a stop start it appears the issue isnt impacting, however if AC on and no stop/start then it its hard to get it off the line.

I am contacting the dealer and sending it back on a truck tomorrow. But thought i would ask the question does anyone have indications and or idea on what it would or could be. I should point out that when we had the DPF issue show up it did belch or expel a large amount of black smoke just once.
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