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There is some kind of ball joint, cv joint, control arm/bushings, steering linkage, or tie rod ends. I don't know enough myself to figure out what it is. could it be the joint at the bottom of the steering column? I don't know for sure. Something is up though... because it's driving sloppy. FYI I have the alignment done with ACC, wheels have been road force balanced and all are good tread and good tires Eagle LS 2. All wheel air pressure is good.
Here's the symptoms:
  • somewhere under the vehicle or in the steering or joints the Touareg has got the feeling like it's coming up and out of a joint sometimes on side streets. I don't know how else to describe this. It just makes the car feel unbalanced often enough on side streets.
  • I can feel a bit of a "clicking" and play in the steering wheel. Especially when i first start the vehicle and I go to pull away. When i move the wheel i'll hear and feel small like click here and and click there. It's not normal.
  • when i park (especially on a hill) there is a lot of play afterwards where the vehicle rocks back and forth. Like a joint is broken and it's just got a lot more play than usual after i put it in park. (70% of the time).
  • There is some "rubbing" or "grinding" sort of feeling sometimes when i make right hand turns (vw is trying to tell me that this is characteristic of the vehicle). I've had some people say they thought it sounded like a CV joint.
  • and finally when i'm driving over uneven terrain (like on the highway or just anywhere that the road is smooth but the tires are driving over roads that have all kinds of different slopes or dips..... or usually in the middle of changing lanes on the highway there is a change in level of road between the slope they create to help drain water off the road...I'm not talking about bumpy off-roading here, just to clarify.
    • This sort of scenario makes my touareg feel like it's getting pushed around the road. I can feel it way more on the steering wheel than usual and the steering also just generally feels much more sloppy than before.
If anyone can help me diagnose this I would greatly appreciate it. I'll like, subscribe and click on post notifications for your youtube channel. Whatever you want!. Anything I can do to show my gratefulness! In all honesty i've brought this into Volkswagen before regarding this issue and my experience is that Volkswagen shrugs these kinds of problems off for as long as they can while the customer is in warranty. I still have a bit of warranty left. There was something wrong before and now it's getting worse with the clicking in the steering wheel symptom. 🤘


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