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Should I back out?

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Purchased a 2014 TDI. It was newly traded, no fix yet, really dirty.

Leaving town at the same time, they said I could come back and get it all clean and with the emissions fix.

Signed everything but held my trade title based on my final inspection when I return.

I have a 3,000lb RPOD camper. My main reason for the T3.

After reading everything about how the fix effects MPG slightly, the shift points and hunting for gears.

I am really thinking of backing out....really torn on what to do.
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I just bgt a new 2016 never registered with the fix and traded a 2012 TDI for it. Engine has same power to my feel,shifts at higher rpm levels when cold,but gets to normal after warm up. I don't notice the engine braking,but I always use the manual gear position when going down hill to a stop anyway.
This car will tow what you are talking about with no effort. I tow boats all the time that are heavier than what you will do and no difference that is noticeable from my 2012 unfixed.

Drive it after the fix and make your own decision. It's a great vehicle.
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