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Should I back out?

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Purchased a 2014 TDI. It was newly traded, no fix yet, really dirty.

Leaving town at the same time, they said I could come back and get it all clean and with the emissions fix.

Signed everything but held my trade title based on my final inspection when I return.

I have a 3,000lb RPOD camper. My main reason for the T3.

After reading everything about how the fix effects MPG slightly, the shift points and hunting for gears.

I am really thinking of backing out....really torn on what to do.
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Have you actually taken the car for a test drive yourself rather than just reading about what might have happened to others?

Have you any experience of driving any Touareg before?

If you haven't driven the car, insist on a decent test drive and see if you like the car for yourself.

Purchasing the car without a drive would be like buying a house having only looked at it from over the gate.
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