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Should I back out?

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Purchased a 2014 TDI. It was newly traded, no fix yet, really dirty.

Leaving town at the same time, they said I could come back and get it all clean and with the emissions fix.

Signed everything but held my trade title based on my final inspection when I return.

I have a 3,000lb RPOD camper. My main reason for the T3.

After reading everything about how the fix effects MPG slightly, the shift points and hunting for gears.

I am really thinking of backing out....really torn on what to do.
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Posting under new name. Spent an hour trying to reset password on my previous name.

I should have clarified, when I said "really dirty", I meant the physical condition of the vehicle (it was just traded in).

Yes, I have driven the car on a normal test drive pre-fix for about 10 min. Felt great!

I spoke with dealer today and they said it was ok if I decided to drop the deal after I inspected and drove the T3 post-fix. (Though I am sure they won't make it easy).

I already use a WD hitch and sway. Towing gave me a scare when another user reported it hunting for gears after the fix on flat ground.
For this interested, I am paying 28,8716 OTD, 2014 Sport /Nav 58k, CPO.

I think that is premium money, so if I am going to pay it, I want the performance.
Do you know if Malone tunes changes shift points, because I thought that was controlled by the TCM?
Yeah, I emailed them last week. Responded, still waiting for answers on additional questions.
Spoke with Malone. No TCM tune yet. But when they do, it will be basically be the OEM tune, which is good news.

I get back in a few days to do my final drive of the T reg. I am still on the fence and really concerned about a 14 post fix. Reliability, adblue consumption, power loss, no engine brake, everything I have read really scares me....
1 - 6 of 16 Posts
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