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some parts of the interior on our '12 were pretty roasted when we bought it - it looked like it sat in the sun for a bit or someone had done a poor job preserving some of the leather.

one really annoying bit was the shift boot, it was really dried out and cracking into pieces

id been keeping an eye out on ebay for other full replacements with the knob but 1) brown is somewhat uncommon on the used market and 2) most of the used boots also looked to be in similarly poor shape and drying out. for >$100 it didnt seem worthwhile to get something that was going to crack apart again, even though just replacing the knob + boot would have been a 2 minute job.

so, the other option seemed to be getting a new boot made up and just replacing that.

heres the best before pic i can find. the cracks had really started to open up... i was worried we'd end up with general schmutz build up on the mechanism eventually

this video has a good overview of removing the boot, the way its held to the knob is similar to the dsg knobs on the gtis so theres no real magic there. just remove the metal crimp and pull hard to get the knob off the lever

then you end up with this

he mentions a few times not to press the button while its off the lever. good idea! however in wrestling and and trimming the new boot, of course i pressed it a couple times.
all this does is remove it from the locked position it comes off of the lever, and sets the pin back into the mode it normally would be in.
in order to reset it, you have to pop one of the colored handle sides off, which is actually pretty easy with the boot removed, just removed the bottom trim ring, then the chrome trim that runs up the center of the knob and its really obvious how to click the metal internal lever back into place to "reset" it again.

the new boot is a bit closer colormatch than whats shown here, but its not identical to the factory one. close enough though. this makes it look a little lighter than it actually is
the only fiddly bit was not having an upholstery stapler burly enough to run through the leather + the plastic, so i held the boot in place with some clips and drilled some small holes then manually crimped some upholstery staples with needle nose. fiddly but only took 10-15 minutes.
there was some trimming needed to the top of the boot as well to get it to sit properly in the plastic retaining ring (you can see that in the video above) and clamp down properly, but that was a trial and error thing.
the new leather is a bit thicker than whatever was on there before so some more trimming needed around the seams especially at the top.
at the bottom, where the square plastic frame is, there are reliefs where the stitching goes, so aligning that is pretty obvious.
you want to leave a decent bit of slack so it has enough length to go all to way through the PRNDL throw.

and installed ... excuse the general state of the center console :D this is our kid/roadtrip car and hasnt been cleaned in a couple months

i used a larger zip tie instead of the metal crimp to hold the knob back onto the lever. it sits in there really firmly

i hadnt seen anyone post about swapping the boots so figured id share.

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