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Just spent a fascinating hour scanning through all the bugs. Though I'm loving my Touareg V8 (just approaching 4500 miles), it is not without its share of problems. The most concerning at the moment is the vibration/wheel chatter and clunking noise when turning sharply at low speeds (like pulling in and out of my parking spot). Other posts suggested replacement of the stepper motor/transfer case. The soonest my dealer can get the car in is June 8.

My question: Is there anything I need to be careful of or not do between now and then? Is there any risk in normal daily driving over the next week and a half?

Other things I've experienced, for those who are interested:
* Poor remote key range (I'll ask the dealer about the TSB when it goes in)
* Clunky downshifting -- for me it's usually from 3rd to 2nd, but it does occur after long drives. It's especially severe when coming to a stop on an incline -- I thought it was a combination of gravity as I coast to a stop, braking (which I do lightly), and downshifting. Whatever it is, it's severe. There is a lengthy post about similar issues -- I think I'll mention it to my dealer.

Glad to have found ClubTouareg!

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You don't stand alone. There are alot of us who absolutely love the car but are frustrated with the problems we are having and a good number of us are having problems with the dealers and or VWoA responding to the issues in a manner that gets them resolved in one or 2 visits. Mine is back for the 4th time and we are at 19 days total and counting. The worst thing is we have had several loaners including an 04 Passat 4Motion, an 04 V8 Phaeton, an 04 V6 Treg and an 04 V8 Treg. Just for the record both Treg loaners we had have the slow sharp turn shuddering, tire pressure monitor false alerts, poor remote range and cracked wood trim. The V8 had severly worn tires. This as well as what I have read here and on Vortex tells me that these are not isolated issues but real problems that need some serious attention by VWoA. We are currently looking into this:

Not to be a broken record but check these things as well before you take it in:

1. Check your tire wear carefully, especially the fronts. If they are worn the dealer should confirm the alignment and replace the tires if they are excessively worn.
2. Check to make sure the comfort settings are not clearing in your MFI. This is another common issue that can contribute the remote range frustrations.
3. Check all of your wood trim for cracking of any sort.
4. Has your tire pressure monitor given any false alerts?
5. Check your fog and tail lights carefully for condinsation.
6. Check to make sure your treg is not affected by the seatbelt recall, if it is have them do it while there.

You may also want to have your 5k service done since it seems your dealer is like mine when it comes to scheduling. I do all my own maintenance. Learning where all the drain plugs was the tricky thing when changing oil, I am used to having to remove the belly pans all of my VWs have had those. Other than that it is like any other oil change. I use 5w40 Mobil 1 and a VW oil filter, costs me about $55 to do it myself.

I do not think you can do any additional harm driving your car.

Good luck and welcome to the treg family.
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