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Well I can now say that I am actually now anh owner of an 04 off road gray will all options except the winter package. Now I had to fly to Louisiana to pick it up and drive back to Maryland. Had a great trip with no problems. My average Fuel economy using an additive was 25.6 MPG, thats real fuel economy using miles driven by gallons put in. The MFI said the fuel economy was 26.8.

I do have a question that only diesel owners can answer. Under part throttle 1/2 to 3/4. does the engine die when shifting gears and take a long time to come back. There's the initial surge and then it falls flat on its face as it changes gears and then comes back on power again. at WOT the gear changes are much more uniform.

2nd thing does any body know how to get the headlight assembly out to change bulbs and adjust the hight.
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