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I went in the service Saturday morning and talked with the engineer that worked on my car (I have another problem with it, some wires in the ceiling that have melted and has to be replaced.) He show me the cable that did all the trouble, is underneath the driver carpet and it's used for Kessy module. It's an 0.5 mm cable and it's in two pieces from the assembly line. Te engineer did not know why they did this in the factory, but is a very bad solution because if the cable get wet, it's get rusty and break in two from the splice.

If anyone has this problem, the solution is very simple:

1. Remove the threshold from the driver's side. It has a protecting plastic and underneath there are two screws: torx 10 to remove them
2. Remove the hood opener lever (it has a safety plastic that need to be removed with a screwdriver and after that just pull it out)
3. Remove the next plastic cover: the one below the driver's door hinge. Just pull it out easy not to broken it.
4. Remove the next plastic cover also, the one just next to the driver's door hinge.
5. Now you can pool the carpet away. Pull and fold it under the brake pedal in order not to interfere with your hands
6. You may have seen by now a bundle of wires that goes underneath the driver's seat. Grab it and pull a little out in order to get to the wire
7. The wires are wrapped in a material to protect them; unwrapped that material carefully in order to used afterwards.
8. Look in the middle of that wire bundle and you will see a red-green cable with a black wrapped in the middle of it. There is the problem.
9. Open that black ribbon and redo the splice. You may need a soldering gun for wiring in order to consolidate that splice. After that, re-wrappe the wire and also the bundle. Put back the carpet and all the plastic covers in the inverse order. Screw back the screws and put the cover back.

That's all!

Time to do it? Maximum half hour.


21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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