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Hey all,

I just got fitted with some new rubber (Cooper AT3 S4's 265/65-17, which are awesome BTW) and the tire pressure monitoring system was going all nutty, undrstandably, because I am now running 36 psi rather than 39/46. I wanted to adjust the pressure in VCDS down from 46psi/3.2 bar for the 19" wheels that came on the car to 36/2.4bar for the new set up.

Here's what I did:
I went into VAGCOM/module/tire pressure/coding, went to the code helper and hit down a few times to scroll over to the tire pressure front tire byte and then rear tire byte. There is then a drop down menu in bar with various tire pressures listed in increments of .1 bar. Mine was set to 3.2, so I clicked 2.4 (~36psi) and then copy/pasted the new code. The new code was accepted and the tire pressure warning disappeared immediately.

Hope this helps

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