I complained about the car until the car hit. Sad, bittersweet ending. 2 days ago, after almost 4 months, the car was marked as totaled.

I’m selling 4 wheels/tires/sensors that are mounted and one brand new wheel/tire/sensor that is not. The 5th wheel was supposed to be my full spare but I never got to use it. If you want I could mount and balance it with or without the sensor to make it easier. I could meet halfway depending on where you are. I’m not parting. I’m selling all 5. I also have 4 monster mats and 4 oem mats all in great condition. I don’t have the valve caps. The mfs in the lot took them.

The used tires have about 60-65% even wear. All 5 wheels/tires/sensors cost me $2700 without tax or mount and balance. $225 full price each wheel. $264 each tire and $50 each sensor. I’m selling everything for $1600. You can have the monster mats and oem mats for free. I live in Las Vegas. I can probably ship these even though they weigh 73lbs each. I think shipping will cost about $200 with supplies.