It is in super great shape! Has tan interior and slightly over 100K miles. I am 2nd owner. 1st owner had it for 80K miles, at which time he sold it back to VW for diesel "fix". It was in San Antonio the whole time until I got it. I'm in FL, so it has NEVER been exposed to road salt. :cool: (has not been exposed to beach salt either)

I absolutely LOVE it! But..... In November I ordered an awesome Ford Maverick hybrid (42 MPG city, 33 MPG hwy.), and we will have one too many vehicles. Because of chip shortages and MUCH greater demand for the hybrid than expected, it is on such a long backorder. I expect to get it sometime in MAY (hopefully!). If I can get significantly more for it than the dealer trade-in value (was $11K in November) or equal to or better than a 3rd party (Carvana offer was $16.5K in November), I'll sell it to someone here interested in it! (y)

Note: If a 3rd party offer is higher or lower when I actually am ready to sell (when my Maverick comes in), I will sell it to you for that price.