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Hello everyone

My wife bought a '06 V6, 91k mls, black on tan.
The PO took pretty good care of it besides a few plastic parts and some minor scratches in paint and leather. I went to the dealer today to get some parts but this one I just can't buy from them! Or won't!?

I am looking for the button for the adjustable rear driver seat belt. This button is on the c-frame (sp?). The one you need to press to lower the seat belt position on the side, not the seat. It is the top button/part on the adjustable part, that slides up and down. I hope I descriped it right.
Anyway, the stealer doesn't sell just the button, even though it's just the button that's missing, meaning it's one part - not one that doesn't coem apart...
They only sell the whole assembly, for about $180, plus tax of course...

So, if anyone has one laying around... And I doubt anyone does, please email/pm me.

Or, and I think this might be a better chance, if anyone comes across a wrecked/totaled Treg and/or some interior, or knows a scrap yard that has one, please contact me. I'll pay you, for the part and shipping.

Thanks in advance
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