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Got PM'd here on the forum today by user "benedicthilary007" regarding a WTB ad I have posted here on the classifieds... He said his buddy "John" had one for sale and gave me his buddy's email to contact him.... I did, and a "John T. Salamone" emailed me back in about 20 mins... When I asked him to send me a picture of the item he was offering and I was interested in buying he sent me a picture of the front of a Sapphire Blue R50 with the front tag scribbled over it... (RIGHT HAND DRIVE R50 TREG MIGHT I ADD...) -See pics attached...

I noticed those two details immediately along with the other European front plates of the cars in the background this genius forgot to scribble over and cover as well....

Well... I decided to play along knowing all these red flags meant one of two things: A) Idiot Scammer B) Some nice real fellow member in Europe just wanting to do some business...but I was putting my money on "A".

Anyways... we emailed back and forth and then I asked him for his price and how he wanted me to pay him, and also asked him to confirm he was in the US and that the pic he sent was in fact his Treg and the part was indeed what I'd be receiving if I purchase it from him.

His replies:

-Yes, US Location
-Venmo as Payment method
-Yes, his Treg and the actual part I'd be receiving indeed.

My reply after his confirmation:

"GO **** ****Self"

Poor fella didn't do his homework and didn't know there aren't any Real R50's here in the States... much less a right hand model and forgot to cover all the other European plates of those cars in that parking lot...


PLEASE BLOCK THIS SCAMMER'S ACCOUNT AND EMAIL as he's clearly on the Forum up to no good and other members may have fallen for his scam already and if they havent and dont see the red flags they very well might..
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