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Hello, I'm a newbie... this is my first time posting.. I recently got a 2004 V8 with the factory navigation (black/anthracite)... absolutely love the car, and the forum!

I've been spending a lot of time as a guest on the forum since I got the vehicle a little over a month ago, and really appreciate all the valuable info. Just joined today to ask about something I'm still confused about... incorporating satellite radio into a 2004 mfd2.

Searched the old threads and have read the portions on SpockCat's website (great site!) about AV and AO cable options, but I haven't been able to find anything on whether I can just drop in a Sirius/XM tuner using either the AV or AO Aux port in the factory system. And if so, what units do members recommend?

Would love to keep the factory set-up, while adding a Satellite option that can be controlled with at least the radio buttons, and ideally the steering wheel buttons as well.

Really appreciate any guidance on this... thanks in advance!

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