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Sat Nav Problem

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Hi Guys
I have just purchased a R50 and love it:D. I have a problem with the Sat Nav system or it may be the operator. The screen shows the red arrow about 300 KM off the coast of Sydney. Arrow seems to move but not in the right place. I did not get a CD with the car, is this the problem. I have been working my way through the RNS510 manual but any advice would be appreciated.
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As Drag said this isn't Bails' car although it was in "The Gong" ((a bit South of Sydney) and by memory was just short of 200,00 km but it was blue with after market alloys and sunroof. Keep in touch. John

Hi Schootsie. I did a lot of looking before I purchased the car. Unfortunately they are getting old now and hard to find a good one at the right price. Mine is Biscay blue with 105,000 Km on the clock. I purchased it out of NSW but I live in Victoria. Is this "Bails" car?
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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