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You really cant review a car until you put it through its paces for what the car was designed to do. Well the Touareg does so many things great that I had to take an extended road trip to really find out what this car can do. The trip from San Diego was wonderfull. The TREG crused so well at hi speed and winding roads that it felt like I was in a BMW M series. I hit speeds of 115MPH on several streaches (I could have gone much faster but didnt want to get a tix. Then when we got to Moab I hit some trails and boy this baby handles just as well on the trail. I went on several 3 rated trails in Moab and had no problems at all. I did not have to use low very much at all. The TREG just crawled up some of the steepest hills with no, ruts and mud proved no match for the TREG. There were 5 of us boys on the trip and I think 4 of them are buying TREG's when they get back.

1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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