Rare V10 TDI Diesel Fully Loaded, See Pictures, I have included the Original Window Sticker for this exact truck with Matching VIN # it cost OVER $70,000 new back in 2006!

Hard enough to find one of these without the rear locker, but this one has it! Center AND Rear Differential Lockers!

Also includes the OEM Roof Rack (not shown in my current picture)

Once in a lifetime opportunity here to purchase a nice rare $70,000 Luxury SUV at a fraction of its MSRP.

FULL CarFax run on 5-4-22 available for this truck RIGHT HERE

Cosmetics All original Paint and body, never any repairs, has a few minor dents that could be fixed with Paintless Dent Removal.

Engine and related are A+ Condition, Powerful, not a single oil leak! Major engine work done recently by a reputable shop - Oceanside Motorsports. Included engine removal to replace both fuel senders, both turbos rebuilt, re-done both exhaust manifolds due to hairline cracks (one new), New starter while engine was out, and other repairs to include a U-joint, hood struts, both batteries replaced several months back, and several other repairs to include an EGR replacement and carbon cleanout ($3K)

Needs WORK:
Air Suspension, has a fault code and Suspension is not working correctly, front end is all the way down on rubber bumpers so unable to drive fast, only slowly on smooth roads.
Needs a new Headliner
Needs new rear door hatch struts, they are not strong enough to hold the rear door up any longer.

Needs new tires

One of the pictures shows it with 21" AUDI Q7 rims, those have already been removed and sold. It only comes with the stock tires and wheels as shown.

No longer want this, priced to get rid of it.

A good buyer for this is somone who can fix all the little things themself because if you can't I'll be honest you should never buy a V10 Touareg ever.

The Engine alone is probably worth more than we are now asking for the entire truck.

Just want it gone.

$6995 is the price, it is a firm price.