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I have a 2014 VR6 Exec. It has 16,000 miles on it. It's run rough periodically since I've had it, almost like it stutters or hesitates as the tranny spools up to shift gears. Last week the stuttering got so bad, the tach actually stuttered along with the engine. A couple of times I also saw the tach suddenly jump up by over 500 rpms on acceleration.

I've done the tranny reset before which helps. but for never more than a week. Now it doesn't seem to be working or only making the problem a little bit better.

Has anyone else experienced this? I brought the issue to the attention of the service guys at the 10,000 mile service, but he said he couldn't replicate it. But whatever he did during that service corrected the problem for a couple of weeks.

Any thoughts? Any idea what the service guy would have routinely done at that service that might have corrected it for a while?

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