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RNS510 for 2009-10 Touareg...Where can I find one??

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Hello...Owner of a 2010 Touareg TDi that came equipped with factory Dynaudio and RNS510.

I am seeing so many pop up on eBay left and right but they are your more rounded out versions that are made for cars and Tiguans I believe. Not compatible with Touareg which is like an exact Rectangle shape.

I made the mistake of selling my OEM RNS510 too quickly when I took it out and installed one of these:

Now I want to take it out, sell it, and go back to RNS510 but I can't seem to find any. Apparently these aftermarket Android headunits, which in my opinion are amazing but do not support OEM Rear Camera or Dynaudio. Those two items are huge deal breakers for me and something I should have known beforehand. There has got to be Touaregs sitting in junkyards around the country with these installed in them and practically available for almost free I would think.

Can anyone help? I found a Seller in the UK who sells them but they are the 2019 versions and come with an SSD hard drive rather than the older slower HDD Drives. He says he will try and source a USA version with SSD for me but still, those costs about $1K which I can't fathom paying for such an older car like mine. And to make matters worse, if he does source one I may just pull the damn trigger and buy it. Here is the link to that 2019 version on eBay:

Anyone here have any suggestions?
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I'm surprised that these units are still so expensive. I would love to get one for my 2009 Touareg, but the cost is still prohibitive. My car only had the base Delta radio. I'm not even sure if I can use the 510 anyway as my car doesn't seem to have a separate amplifier (I checked). I did replace the Delta radio with a RNS2 (DVD), works perfectly but I lost steering wheel controls (probably wrong CANBUS version, I wonder if a 510 is more compatible in that regard).
RNS510 would be more compatible, yes. But man goodluck trying to find someone reselling their old version that is made to fit the Touareg. Every 510 I'm finding online is not for the Touareg. And to think I just sold mine a few weeks ago on eBay like an idiot!!! I should have held onto it for a few extra weeks to make certain I wanted to stick with my Android unit. I love this unit, it does everything I want it to do and even better, I tether it to my phone for data via WiFi and have all of my Youtube videos and songs playing while driving (no I don't watch shows while driving). Biggest drawback is that it doesn't work well with crystal clear loud sound because it's not compatible with my Dynaudio Sound System.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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