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It's been a while since i've posted here, so let me start by saying this is the greatest vehicle community supported by one of the best SUV's of all time! I have a 2008 V8 with 110K miles on it (original owner), and wouldn't have wanted anything different. This truck has towed boats, climbed through the corn, and traveled many cross country miles!

Thanks in advance for your input here

I've identified a salvaged 2009 US Touareg v6 with an RNS 510 that appears to be in good condition. I am interested in buying this unit with the intention of swapping out my 2008 RNS2 no Dynaudio. Note i don't use satellite radio not care to use it

My questions for the community are the following:
1) Where is the security code located for this RNS510 to unlock it once it's reinstalled in my car (I'm assuming in the manual but where?) If the manual is missing, is there another way to get it?
2) I know there are different head unit models A,B,C, etc. what can i expect this one to be? and how does it compare to the newest model planted on US soil? For example, VW only went up to version C in the US so this is most current?
3) What features if any would i be missing vs the latest model VW produced? (if i wanted to try and get a Euro model and have the firmware changed)
4) Is there anything i should ask them to remove from this vehicle in addition to the unit? e.g. have them cut the wire harness to have the right plugs, GPS unit etc, bluetooth or other features i can ask for e.g.
5) Does the 2008 RNS2 already have microphones -pre wired for phone calling?
6) Is the map software already pre-loaded on the unit or is there a card i need to ask for?
7) To make this work with my backup camera is there something i can take from this vehicle (e.g. wiring harness or module?)

Thanks so much guys!
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