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I just bought a 2006 V10 TDI (Europe) and I have a few problems I want to solve.

This is the Vagcom scan for the radio and sound system:
Address 47: Sound System Labels: 7Lx-035-4xx-47.lbl
Part No: 7L6 035 456
Component: 08K Audioverst. 0105
Shop #: WSC 00000 000 00000
VCID: 70F6C063FAA3E6B2EF00065-515E

Subsystem 1 - Part No: 7L6 035 456
Component: 08K Audioverst. 0105

No Faults Found
or DTCs not supported by controller
or a communication error occurred

Address 56: Radio Labels: 7L6-035-186-CD.lbl
Part No: 7L6 035 186 A
Component: Radio 0001
Coding: 0010450
Shop #: WSC 00000 000 00000
VCID: 317005673129AFBAA08ECB9-5140

5 Faults Found:
00870 - Bass Speaker Front Left (R21)
011 - Open Circuit
00871 - Bass Speaker Front Right (R23)
011 - Open Circuit
00872 - Bass Speaker Rear Left (R15)
011 - Open Circuit
00873 - Bass Speaker Rear Right (R17)
011 - Open Circuit
01044 - Control Module Incorrectly Coded
000 - -
The radio works and output test give me a tone on every speaker. The problem is a buzzing and rhythmic popping on the mid-high speaker on the back left ( just next to my ear ), not loud but annoying. The buzzing is present with the engine and the radio off and it turns off when the cars goes in sleep mode. Also I noticed that the volume in the back is very low, the fader is almost all the way to the right to balance the output.

The radio info shows me:
Devices CDC (0) SD (0/1) SND (0) LS (4)
cod/inst Tel(0/1) HF (0) HR (0) TV (0/0)

System VW Radio Nav RNS2 DVD
VW no 7L6035191D
MCM V04.07R/20050726
SH V04.07/20050726
RP V04.09/20050701

EEPR V04.09/20050701
HW-HV B/C/0101
Platform OPL3.0v49P26/070411
Navi NV_5.3C2P7 /070516
Cntry Codes Germany/Europe

Is this a DVD or a CD unit (vagcom shows me CD and the radio DVD) ?
What the right coding? (I've tried different codes and tried to make my own but its not accepted - car has off road package, tel buttons on the steering wheel and bluetooth - so I tried 0025447)
Tuner test menu has some options like HICUT and SHARX - what do they do?
I suspect the amp is faulty, is it fixable (i can order and solder new parts if necessary)?

Can anyone help with any of this?

I tried the local official dealer but they only know how to replace stuff.

Sorry for the long post, this is one problem I want to fix (I have some more error codes but i will post in the right category).

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I'm returning with this problem, this time I have pictures :grin2:

Are there any software updates that I can do?


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