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Hello Gents,

Hoping to get some direct experience feedback.

I just picked up a used low miles 2010 v6 tdi. I have owned and heavily offroaded the v10 tdi, the v6, and v8 petrol, all with air suspension.

This is my first treg with steel springs and I am interested in raising it to the same off road height as the airbag tregs (not extra level, max setting but high off road setting only).

l) have a few questions and would love to hear experiences from folks who have done spacer lifts with or without taller/heavier springs:

1) for anyone who has used both a 2 inch and then a 3 inch riser lift can you share any negative difference you've felt as it relates to offroad comfort or on road performance. Specifically switching from a 2" riser to a 3" riser?

2) anyones direct experience to the questions above who have only installed either a 2, 2.5, or 3" riser.

3) Anyone who has done both risers and springs?

4) direct experience arguments for riser installation either above or below the spring.

5) has anyone sucessfully fitted the biltstein manually adjustable ride height shocks (non airbag) on the touareg? (Bilstein does not list a compatible direct fit for these shocks on the touareg.)

Also I just want to say, I just took the 3.0 tdi on a pretty intense day of 4wd OHV trails up in Stanislaus National forest, California with nothing but the stock springs and suspension and some 31" tires, plus a not so low profile bucket rack on top full of gear. These trails were a 5 or 6 out of 10 difficulty and I only grinded one time over the entire day.

I had N itch and had to scratch it :) I did not expect a non-lifted touareg to be able to finish a few of those trails and it did.

Having driven jeeps, Landovers and other capable 4wd vehicles off road I have been consistently surprised at just how capable these touaregs have proven to be.

Thanks boys for your input/feedback

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