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Hey guys selling my wheels from my touareg as im looking to get some 20" wheels next. Wheels are in perfect condition, no curb rash or anything like that. Tires are as follows, rears are 8 out 10, but fronts need replacing as they are worn down due to negative camber wear. Tires are Yoko Parada Spex X 285/35/22 all around. Looking to sell the wheels with tires on them for 1200$ plus shipping (paid $2700 new) and cost of tires should be about 400-500 for both so you'll make out on the cheap side for complete cost.

Here are some pictures, i can get more for serious interest.

IMG_0127 by dszyda, on Flickr

IMG_0116 by dszyda, on Flickr

IMG_0105 by dszyda, on Flickr
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