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I´ve been struggling to sort out some issues with my 2004 V8. Wonderful car, and it´s getting better and better.

One thong thats bugging me for a while is the function of the folding mirrors.
Right hand mirror wont fold at all. The left folds instantly when its going in, but there´s approximately 20 secs delay before it moves out after switching.

At first I thought that previous owner had changed powerwindowmodule and put the wrong type in.
A VCDS-scan made me suspicious as the doormodule right front was called BF 0101. All the others had the code 0201.
So I ordered a used module from another V8 -04 that had folding mirrors and mounted it.
One upside was that the downlight in right mirror began to work. But it still wont fold.
A new scan gives that all modules now have the same 0201-code.
VCDS says that the switch gives folding signal to the comfort-module.
And the left mirror folds as always.

Adress 46: Komfortcentral Labels: AER\7L0-959-933.lbl
Artikelnr: 7L0 959 933 E
Komponent: 1G HSG 0201
Kodning: 0000069
Verkstad #: WSC 40470 222 52767
VCID: 3E769A5C6A5675D15C3-4B00
Subsystem 1 - Artikelnr: 7L0 959 701 A
Komponent: Tuersteuergeraet FS 0201
Subsystem 2 - Artikelnr: 7L0 959 702 B
Komponent: Tuersteuergeraet BF 0201

Subsystem 3 - Artikelnr: 7L0 959 703
Komponent: Tuersteuergeraet HL 0201
Subsystem 4 - Artikelnr: 7L0 959 704
Komponent: Tuersteuergeraet HR 0201
Subsystem 5 - Artikelnr: 7L0 907 719
Komponent: Neigungssensor 0020
Subsystem 6 - Artikelnr: 7L6 951 171
Komponent: A Innenraumsensor 0019

I´ve checked the wiring from the mirror to the module. And I´ve tested the folding motor giving 12V to the wires down where it connects to the door module.
It then folds nicely in and out.

Has anybody of you any clue about how this is managed? Is it one wire signal from switch to comfort module?
Is it a separate signal to the door module(s) for the folding? Or is it managed thru canbus-signalling to the doors?

I can´t find any specific info or wiringschematics anywhere.

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