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I have owned 2 Touaregs before this 3.0 TDI, and they were 5 years old about 90k.
I won this 3.0 TDI at an online auction at a quite good price. The valve body is replaced by previous owner.

After picking at the truck 400km away from home, the handling feels like crap on State Highway 1 compare to my other Touaregs. State Highway 1 of the South Island is a road with a lot of hilly road and patches from road work. Overall, I would say the road is below par.

Fast forward to 2 months ago when this 3.0 TDI became my daily driver, I finally came to realization that the struts, more specifically the shocks is not working as it should.

The car was not damping the big holes or the big bumps, it feels like the shock went all the way down without much resistance, and the rebound is quite free, which indicates the shock is not trying to limit the movements from the airbag springs.

While driving over small bumps and potholes, the car is floating like a boat, all kind of swaying and floating. It can easily make me sick/dizzy.

Shock is not available on the market at a good price, and strut is expensive at dealers. So I did some research on Chinese site, and there is quite a few second hand struts there, but shipping will be a problem.
So, I bought the struts from Aliexpress, there is a seller that sells front and rear in pairs at about $1200 NZD shipped via DHL.

I bought the front first, and installation is quite straightforward, except one bolt that's hidden under the brake reservoir.

After installed the front struts, I calibrated the height of all 4 corners, and had a test drive on various roads (good/bad roads). I have my girlfriend looking at VCDS measuring height deviation on 4 corners. She observed that the rear travels about 2x more than front. I can tell the same from the movement of headlight aiming at night.
We felt the improvement when driving over a bump, and the rebound is kinda like more refined, controlled.

It seems the rear has to be changed as well. So I bought a pair from the same seller on AliExpress, and they did the same value declaration on the shipment at $150USD incl shipping. NZ customs stopped the shipment, and inspected, after a day they released the shipment without a charge. :)

The installation of rear struts is much easier than front. Please check Arrnot's youtube video for tutorial.
Be sure get a flex head geared spanner, it will make your life much easier when doing the bolts at the top. Space is tight there.

Both of the rear struts leaks, the rear will sag to bottom overnight.
So, I take down one of the rear strut, and removed the hat. I discovered that there is a scratch where the o ring sits. And, the o ring and center rubber stopper need more grease.
I then removed the hat from old strut, and put the old one onto the new strut with generous amount of PTFE grease. It didn't leak after this.

I found that after I redo the hat, it's much easier to reinstall the strut back into there, as the pressure inside the airbag spring and strut is released after the hat is removed and reinstalled. I installed the air line after the strut is fully installed, whereas before I installed the air line and pressure test for leak using VCDS. It didn't show the leak, I guess it must be a tiny leak, where only leaks when the car is sitting on top of it.
If you are buying a new strut, I suggest you take off the hat, and double check for grease. And the pressure can be fully released, it will make the installation much much much easier.

After all 4 corners got new struts, the truck feels more planted on the road, and turning introduce much less swaying motion than before.
My girlfriend and I are happy with the ride after the change.
I would like to thank Arrnot Industries for the helpful video.

I have ordered 2 front lower control arms, and will installed sometime next week.
Please check my YouTube videos for comparison.

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