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Hi all,

This is my first post, and when I was looking into a solution to having an ipad mini on my Touareg, this website listed few solutions that were out there. Since none were of my liking, I decided to try it myself.

Here is what I succeeded on doing, and I hope this can inspire some of you to try.

Here is a Youtube video showing the final result:

This is a quick guide on how I managed to fit an iPad Mini into my VW Touareg (1st Gen.) dashboard.

A) - (pic 1) Move the factory radio (white rectangle) to the glove box (blue rectangle). I used a Car Audio specialist since it requires specific knowledge and expertise. (Difficulty: Intermediary to Hard)

B) - (pic 1) Move the hazard buttons and seat heaters regulators (red rectangle) to the Sunglasses box (green rectangle). The cables are long enough to be pulled up. (Difficulty: Easy)

C) - (pic 2) Measure the sizes and different grooves within the frame and the buttons holders (difficulty: Easy)

D) - (pic 3) Build 3D models for the ipad frame and the buttons holders. There's a lot of free 3D modelling software available out there. I used SketchUp. (difficulty: Easy to intermediary)

E) - Find a 3D printing company and start prototyping till you get a frame and holders that suit your liking. You will most likely need 2 or more prototypes before it gets close to what you want. (difficulty: intermediary)

F) - (pic 4) Install the holders and the buttons inside the sunglasses box. (difficulty: Easy)

G) - (pic 5) Carefully disassemble an iPhone 5s Dock and fix the printed-board on the 3D printed frame. This will provide charging and audio output (aux) when the ipad is docked. (difficulty: Easy)

H) - Make sure to have your car specialist install a 12 V power adaptor inside to allow charging will using the ipad and hide the cables. The Lightning-USB cable and the AUX cable are connected to the back of the Frame. The AUX is connected to the Radio.

I) - (pic 6) shows the final outlook. The volume is controlled from the steering wheel commands.

I'm looking into the different possibility to manufacture the frame and the holder on a different material, maybe plastic injection moulding to get a feel and touch closer to the real dashboard material. Will let you know my progress.

- iPad mini in your car (Wifi + 4G version)
- USB harddisk + WLAN for Airplay and streaming music and videos to several devices inside the car
- lots of apps to play music. iTunes, Spotify, etc.. I use Spotify and Car Tunes
- Lots of navigation apps. Google maps, Apple maps, Waze, etc.. I use CoPilot
- Easy upgrade of the all system without having to change the Radio/navigation unit.
- Removable head unit (iPad)

Most of them are not "cons" for me, since I do not listen to the FM radio nor do I use CDs or DVDs.
- CD/DVD in the glove box and not easily accessible.
- Radio, and other controls are not available…
- Seat heaters and hazards buttons not directly accessible. Need to open the upper box.

Feel free to ask me anything by dropping a comment here or visit

I'll do my best to reply…


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Good stuff!
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Yours looks great! I went with a different approach...I stuck mine on my dash (not in). I also plugged an OBDII bluetooth adapter into the car, so I can monitor torque, HP, etc. I jailbroke the iPad so that I could utilize the software of the current iPad mini, incorporating split screen (as seen in photo), so that I can have Waze and music open at the same time.

The benefit to this is that I get to use my music, a MUCH better GPS system, and still utilize the moving trajectory reversing camera lines in the head unit. I find those lines to be crucial, and the reason I haven't switched to any other head unit. I wanted to get one of those android units or whatever, so that I could just download Waze and stream my music, but I just refuse to lose those moving lines...either way, I fully recommend people putting iPads in their cars, it just makes sense.

EDIT: Forget the controls on the steering wheel, that was before I realized I had full access from the steering wheel and the unit itself.


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