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Reflash Computer

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Hey All:
I have a 2006 with a constant heck engine light. Being told that its most likely the O2 sensors, but that I should reflash the computer. I'm being told that the reflash (software upgrade) is going to update the specs of the o2 sensors and can possible bring them back into an acceptable range as many of the specs have changed over the years.

Has anyone hear heard of this or done a reflash of the software to bring it up to date?
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Best bet here, sorry to say, may he to head to a dealer and see if there are any outstanding TSBs. They just need the VIN to check.
Yup, dealer will know what version you have, and what version they can upgrade to. All VIN specific! This can not be done by you with limited equipment!

Or are you talking about a "Tune" and cut out O2 sensors. Not a good idea, they allow proper fuel adjustment.

Or Just get them replaced.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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