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Hey all,
Long time viewer, rare contributor, looking for help so hoping I don't get lambasted too much.

As the title says, I have a 2004 V10 that when I originally room ownershp back in 2013, worked great!

Unfortunately, I'm physically unable currently to keep working on the latest traunch of issues that have come up and am seeing if anyone would like to help me recondition this vehicle or make it a custom build altogether.

Let's start with the problems:
Car worked flawlessly for about 2 yrs after change of ownership.

As of today:
  • does not start, key remains stuck in ignition with battery state of charge sufficiently high
  • vehicle air suspension recently replaced but has recurring "workshop gear error"; sometimes resulting in overpressured and unequal pressured air shocks (would like to repair but also willing to fully delete for lifted coil overs if unable to)
  • battery drain due to radio short as confirmed by removing radio fuse and nominal drain (would like to fully replace with a modern head unit).
  • bad driverside headlamp circuitry; even replaced ballast and bulbs recently, still not working
  • water builds up in the engine bulkhead, haven't been able to locate it (weep holes over wheel wells are clear)
Regarding the engine, all seems to work well, with random CEL going off usually when the battery is low; almost always throwing o2 sensor error. I'd be willing to pursue an o2 sensor delete if I understood what that would do to the vehicle. However I do feel there is exhaust leak somewhere, sometimes I smell more noxious diesel fumes than other times leading me to believe an issue lies with either the exhaust piping or valves. I'd be interested in high flow cats and simplifying the exhaust routing.

Regarding the transmission, reliable, but sometimes laggy. Would be interested in knowing if there's a better drop-in replacement.

Lots of work, yes. But I love this car and want to bring this beast back into shape.

I'm in California, but pretty much willing to send it to highly recommended DIYers or mechanics to recondition it.
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