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Just got the beast back from the garage after a "health check", service and aircond. compressor replacement. Very pleased with the report from the garage that all was good and if anything had been "over serviced" during the time before I purchased 6 months ago. Air cond was the one fault...I originally thought the problem was the flexible coupling and bearing at fault because of the symptoms but it turned out to be the actual compressor :( (R5 2.5TDI). The workshop was able to source a new one (a lot cheaper than OEM from VW) and replaced it for a reasonable price.
All in all, happy to have the beast back in the driveway and happy with the service from the garage. As a side note, the guy looking after me tells me that his wife has a Touareg and he has just picked up another one as a project car for himself (engine rebuild).
Volks Affair South Melbourne, thumbs up.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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