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Rear Ujoint

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Hello all, I was pulling my camper this weekend and it started too shake/rattle at about 65+ MPH the car. Further looking into it I believe it's the rear Ujoint, if I'm wrong please advise me too what it might be ( it doesn't do this unless pulling the camper as well ). Does anyone know where I can find a rear Ujoint for sale?
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Yes so I have a 2012 TDI touareg, also it doesn't happen at all going above speeds over 60 if I'm not towing my camper, if I am towing the camper which is around 2900 lbs. It feels like it's the rear shaking/vibrating very hard when pulling mainly up hills, mainly on a flat road 65-70mph there is hardly any shaking, but when accelerating to go up a hill it starts to shake pretty badly until I get it under 60 MPH.
@steveneashcraft Thanks very much for this, I'm going to get under it today and check that bearing. I watched the Zip tie video as well. Thank you for your help!
@steveneashcraft So I took a video of front/rear drive shaft. Anyway I could possibly send it too you to maybe get your opinion on it?
1 - 5 of 9 Posts
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