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Rear Ujoint

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Hello all, I was pulling my camper this weekend and it started too shake/rattle at about 65+ MPH the car. Further looking into it I believe it's the rear Ujoint, if I'm wrong please advise me too what it might be ( it doesn't do this unless pulling the camper as well ). Does anyone know where I can find a rear Ujoint for sale?
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Could you please describe what is shaking and rattling. Is there a noise assoicated with this? Can you feel a vibration? Can you tell iwhere the vibration is coming from? If you accelrate more does it get worse or better? What speed do you have to slow down in order for the shaking and rattling to go away. Does it feel like someone is banging on the bottom of the Touareg? Is the shaking and rattling coming from the steering wheel?
Yes so I have a 2012 TDI touareg, also it doesn't happen at all going above speeds over 60 if I'm not towing my camper, if I am towing the camper which is around 2900 lbs. It feels like it's the rear shaking/vibrating very hard when pulling mainly up hills, mainly on a flat road 65-70mph there is hardly any shaking, but when accelerating to go up a hill it starts to shake pretty badly until I get it under 60 MPH.
The most common thing would be the carrier bearing on the rear drive shaft. The rear drive shaft is rather long so they put a rubber mounted bearing to keep the drive shaft from flopping around.
You can check this by getting under the Touareg and seeing if you can grap the rear drive shaft about 1/2 way between the transfer case and the rear differential. It shouldn't move very much.
If it feels loose then locate the rubber mounted bearing on the driveshaft and inspect the rubber. If it is torn or rotted then that is your problem. There are a several possible solutions. 1) Take it to the dealer and they will tell you the rubber mounted bearing is part of the driveshaft and it will only be $2000 for a new drive shaft 2) Check out a company by the name of Vertex. They sell a clam shell like device that allows you to replace the bad rubber without removing the driveshaft < $400 3) Search the internet for replacing Touareg drive shaft carrier bearing with heater hose pieces and zip ties < $10. I have replaced this wonderful rubber mounted bearing in both my 2004 v8 and my 2005 v8. I used two of the previously mentioned solutions and I am happy with the result in both cases.
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@steveneashcraft Thanks very much for this, I'm going to get under it today and check that bearing. I watched the Zip tie video as well. Thank you for your help!
@steveneashcraft So I took a video of front/rear drive shaft. Anyway I could possibly send it too you to maybe get your opinion on it?
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