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Rear Steel Spring replacement with Air Springs

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I need to get a small amount of lift (support) in the rear end when towing. My Treg already has upgraded springs, but still squats slightly in the rear when towing a van. This is causing some scrubbing on the inside of the rear tyres. I've just done 25,000 kms around Oz and I needed to have the tyres rotated on the rims due to scrubbing. There has been a lot written about the prohibitive cost of upgrading steel springs to air springs.
My question is: Is there any reason the standard steel springs cannot be replaced with air springs and just connecting the air line to a valve and leaving all the electronic wizardry disconnected?
I could then pump up the springs for towing and release pressure when the van comes off.
Any advice please.
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You might be better off looking at Polyair or similar airbags as an add-on to supplement the steel springs.
I'm not sure manually regulated air-only suspension would be stable, safe or legal.
I agree.

Do not attempt to replace but augment if you cannot balance the trailer better.
Nooby mentions an issue I was tempted to comment on too. It doesn't sound like your trailer is set up correctly if there is enough weight at the back to cause scrubbing. Sounds like more than just "squatting slightly". I hope you're not venturing beyond your Dunning-Kruger comfort zone.
Thanks for the comments. I hadn't considered possible legal issues, probably because I've had plenty of cars back in the day which were running air shocks without any issue. I might have a chat to a suspension shop about other options including bags.
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