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Rear Seat Folding

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I put my back seat down, and now the Center Seat belt will not loosen to let me put the seat back in the upright position. Anyone else had this problem?
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Yes, everybody who has ever lowered their back seat has had this problem.

I used one of these to stop the belt retracting too far.
Put it on BEFORE you lower the seat.

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Is this a T1 issue? I've put the rear seats in my T2 down and up tens of times and never had an issue.
I very much hope they fixed this silly little problem by the end of T1.

I've heard of a clip or something breaking off and getting lost, I don't know if they all had it or if they just started putting it on later.

It does what that plastic clip I showed does.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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