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OK I've read a lot of threads about water leaks into the interior of these Tregs due to blocked various drains. Usually most if not all of these result in a wet interior somewhere.
My situation is a bit different. My interior is absolutely dry. No wet headliner/door pillars/footwells/carpets.
The thing is after a decent rain I open the rear passenger door and water drops to the pavement. None of the other doors exhibit this symptom when they're opened.

It seems like the water is getting trapped at the bottom vertical side of the door sill and the plastic fins on the bottom of the door itself. There is no wetness on or above the rubber seal at the side top side of the door sill, but just underneath that seal.
Anyone else run into this on their T3?
I have the same exact issue! Can't figure it most certainly is NOT condensation!
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