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This past weekend my passenger side rear sway bar link top bushing wore out enough for the link to become disconnected from the sway bar itself. When I went to look under the car to figure what the noise was when going around a left hand corner, I saw the link disconnected, but I also noticed gear lube/oil(?) leaking right around the end of the axle shaft at the wheel hub. My thought is that when the link let loose, it connected with the axle shaft rubber boot and sliced it open a bit. No major damage was done, I am still able to drive the vehicle.

I have new links ordered and they should arrive by the end of the week.

Here are my questions:
1. Can I replace the sway bar end links with the car on the ground? Or do need to raise the car of the ground to take load of the suspension?

2. How hard is it to replace the axle shafts? Is there a write up in here that someone can point me to? (I am sorry in advance, I have not had enough time to truly search the forum for a write up yet).

Thank you!
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