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Re - repairing V10 Delphi Alternator.

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I have just started the process of dismantling my 07Z903021F 14V 190A alternator.
I had fried the rotor after second install.
A loose diesel return line allowed diesel to leak and touch the 12 volt alternator connection which killed it immediately.
The first give away of trouble was melting plastic smell, followed by voltage drop to 12 volts, excess diesel smell after test run. As the leak was from the return to the tank there were no performance issues from the engine.
Being short of funds and wanting to be more V10 independent. I decided I might just as well try and repair this unit while I saved for a replacement. It is already stuffed.
My Autolec friend test the alternator and found the rotor was the problem.
I will provide photo's of my progress.
Currently the rotor has been dismantled and I am setting up a jig to count the number of turns for replacing the wiring on the spool.
I will update with correct component id etc, but I just wanted to also hear from any other members that may have done this before.
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Sorry for not following up on my progress how i went with rewinding. due to a number of basic mistakes I made during dismantling I have had to postpone the rebuild.
The show stopper was damaging the magnets which are set in between the north and south jaws of the rotor.
The magnets are very brittle and I damaged 3 of them which I cannot find replacements.
The replacement alternator for my Delphi unit was an Hitachi unit, and that process was not a quick plug and play I will list under my adventures under separate posts ,
"Substituting 2005 V10 Delphi to Hitachi alternator " the modifications that will need to be done to make this work.
" Common rail fuel "O" ring replacement installation and testing for leaks before completing total alternator installation.
After 2 failed O ring leaks which ment I had to dismantle twice back to alternator. The leaking fuel was only detected once full assemble and engine started.
The positives are that my mistakes will allow others to do it easier the other positive is that I am bloody fast now at replacing the alternator. I can do it in a 1/3 of my first time.
I will complete both postes by next Thursday. I will start on Monday.

V10 is going great, have added performance chip waiting to measure improvements. There is a difference.
What type of performance chip did you use?
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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