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:crazy: Oh yes jaybird, I too have had this problem explained to me on my T-reg. It was addressed and repaired last week and it only took them about 2 weeks!!! I have had so many electrical and alignment issues with my T-reg that it would take hours to explain them here. The VW dealer knows me personnally and they repair all problems without question. They automatically offer me a loaner on the spot EVERY TIME I go there (which seems to be every 4-6 weeks :anger: ). If it wasn't for their good customer service, I would have likely done something stupid by now out of anger :chainsaw: .

To keep it short, here's a brief list of repairs SO FAR:

New battery
Two (2) new sets of front tires
Several alignments
TPMS replaced, repaired, name it
Right front headlight repaired and replaced TWICE
Passenger side interior door handle replaced
Folding exterior mirrors repaired
Flickering compass light repaired
NAV system repaired TWICE
Driver's side door painted due to scratches from dealership
Rear window latch cover replaced
One (1) rear 12V auxiliary outlet removed (one remains)
Trailer hitch module reprogramed
Climate control unit replaced
GPS antennae replaced/repaired
plus any other recalls on mentioned here!

The cost for these repairs now exceeds $15,000 (I lost track)! I am now seriously considering seeking legal help if these issues continue over the next few months. I informed VWOA of my intent, but VWOA has not addressed these issue to my satisfaction - they simply refer me back to my dealer for more repairs =; If the dealer (or VWOA) offered a T-reg loaner, it wouldn't be so bad. I just hope this car is still worth SOMETHING when I plan to sell it.

2004 V8 fully loaded - Purchased 09/2003 - love it (when it works!)
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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